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october newsletter 2016


September 13, 2016 – On this day in history, Francis Scott Key penned the Star Spangled Banner – the national anthem of Canada’s neighbor to the south, the USA!

September 12, 2016

Our first full week of school was a success!  During our first classes together, students in grades 7, 8, and 9 got to know me, and I them.  Students completed learner inventories and engaged in some METACOGNITIVE thinking about how they learn best.  We also had the chance to do a team-building activity called a „Yarn Toss.”  We shared about learning another language, and the activity demonstrated our interconnectedness as a class.

After these experiences, we „jumped right in” to our studies.  Grade 7 is already working on an Indigenous Peoples Power Point Project.  Grade 8 is exploring cells, including cell theory and cell structure. (We learned about the very wacky history of Cell Theory here!) Grade 9 is getting excited about the campaign against MICROBEADS!  One of their first assignments was to write a persuasive letter to the CEO of a company which uses microbeads in its products.  We may even send our letters after we’ve cleaned them up a bit!

I’m excited about the level of energy of our students.  We have a great year of learning ahead of us!


Since summer vacation is only 5 days away here are some FUN FACTS ABOUT SUMMER!

1. The „dog days of summer” refer to the weeks between July 3 and August 11 and are named after the Dog Star (Sirius) in the Canis Major constellation. The ancient Greeks blamed Sirius for the hot temperatures, drought, discomfort, and sickness that occurred during the summer.


2. In the United States, over 650 million long-distance summer trips are made.

3. In the summer heat, the iron in France’s Eiffel Tower expands, making the tower grow more than 6 inches.


4. Marc Antony named the month of July, in honor of Julius Caesar.


5. In the Northern Hemisphere, summer solstice occurs sometime between June 20 and June 22, and between December 20 and December 23 in the Southern Hemisphere.


(Published June 22nd, 2016)


With a long week of tests and studying finally over, our students have made it! The end of the year is in sight and now we will begin to prepare for our year end ceremony. We wish a well earned congratulations to all of our students who worked hard all year to achieve success in all areas of their education.

(Published Jun. 13th, 2016)


This week our students have their year end competency test. Students take tests from each of the subject area that they have studied throughout the year to prove their knowledge and skills. We wish all of our students in the Middle School luck!

(Published Jun. 6th, 2016)


This Wednesday is Student’s Day at both the primary and middle International School. We have a variety of activities and fun lessons planned throughout the day for all of our kids to enjoy!

(Published May 30th, 2016)


This past weekend is known as the May 2-4 weekend in Canada. It celebrates Victoria Day which is a Canadian public holiday that takes place on the last Monday before May 25th to honour Queen Victoria’s Birthday. The day almost always happens between the 18th and 24th of May and marks the informal beginning of Summer in Canada. This holiday has been observed in Canada since 1845, maybe earlier. Canadians are known to spend this weekend at their cottage homes while they enjoy a long 4 day weekend.


(Published May 23rd, 2016)


This past week our Middle School Students embarked on an amazing adventure for Green School. This was our last trip of the school year which leaves us with 6 weeks of hard work and focus left before the summer break. We are are all looking forward to it and appreciating the nice weather we have had so far.


(Published May 16th, 2016)


We have finally been able to upload and get a youtube video of our fantastic lip dub from our last media art project week. Here is the video so that you can check it out for yourself. You can access it from the main page by clicking on the lip dub image.

(Published May 9th, 2016)


This quarter’s Canadian Spring Newsletter

Spring Newsletter

(Published Apr. 28, 2016)


Thoughts about education from one of the most famous inventors in history.


(Published Apr. 25th, 2016)


With our grade 7s during the past week we learned about agriculture in our geography class. The students found it particularly helpful to play this very educational and fun game that comes from the national geographic website. Top Crop not only allows for students to play in a fun and interactive game but also includes agriculture related terms and definitions and the challenge of creating a sustainable farm. However, it is not very easy to do this! You can give it try here and see if you can beat our best farmer Adam who scored over 117,000 points!

(Published Apr. 18th, 2016)


Last week we had our final project week which is very sad news. Project weeks are full of fun and excitement for learning while also educating students in a different environment outside the classroom. Can’t wait to hear about the trips that will be planned for next year’s project weeks.

(Published Apr. 11th, 2016)


This past week was the annual celebration of April fools. Some of our students took part in the festivities and played a few pretty funny practical jokes…The only day of the year where you can play practical jokes and get away with it :D lol


(Published Apr. 4th, 2016)


Yesterday marked the official first full day of Spring. I’m sure most of us are glad Winter is over and to celebrate here are some fun facts about Spring.


What does vernal equinox mean? “Vernal” is the Latin word for spring and  “equinox” is the Latin word for “equal night.” It’s one of two days in the year where there is nearly  12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, but this event doesn’t always coincide with the first day of spring.


Does the first day of spring occur on the same day? No. The first day of spring changes because there are 365.242 days in the Gregorian calendar. Sometimes, spring falls on March 20th, like in 2016. Other times it falls on March 19 or 21. These dates are true for the northern hemisphere. The seasons are flip-flopped in the southern hemisphere.

Is there a spring goddess? In ancient Greece, the Greeks named Persephone as the goddess of spring. She oversaw growth and rebirth. During the winter, she would go underground and was known as the Queen of the Underworld. But every spring, she would return.


What are common spring flowers? Lilacs, tulips, lilies, iris, dandelions and daffodils are all associated with spring.


Is “spring fever” real? While it might sound like an old wives tale, spring fever is both psychological and physiological. The human body can have trouble adjusting to the new temperature and increase in light.

What is Ostara? It’s a festival observed by Scandinavian religious groups of Wiccans, who celebrate the end of the cold, dark winter and the beginning of spring.

(Published Mar 21st, 2016)


„March Madness” is a basketball tournament and huge cultural phenomenon that takes place every year in North America. The tournament begins this week and millions of people will be watching and giving their predictions by making a „bracket”. The chances of making a perfect bracket is 1 in 9 quintillion (9,000,000,000,000,000,000). The chances are so low that if a person makes a perfect bracket they would win $1 billion. This week our students will try their luck by predicting who they think will win. Here is a link where you can try for yourself although the odds are not in your favour ;)

(Published Mar 14th, 2016)


During IT lessons this week and last week, our students have begun to create their websites and writting blog posts to practice both English language and internet designs/website building.

(Published Mar 7th, 2016)


Last week was Humanities Project Week! Students learned a great deal about government in Canada, America, and Poland. This included what it takes to become President, meeting the First Lady of Poland as well as a spirited debate that closely resembled a real-life presidential campaign.

(Published Feb 29th, 2016)


As the first week of second semester came to a close our students here at the Middle International School are starting to get back into the groove.

(Published Feb 22nd, 2016)


We have come back after a short two week break in between semesters. Some much needed time for students and teacher alike to relax. Today we exchanged stories of what we did during the time we were away.

(Published Feb 15th, 2016)


MIS Quarterly Newsletter Volume #2

Winter Newletter

(Published Feb 1st, 2016)


What does Albert Einstein say about education?


(Published Jan 25th, 2016)


This week we are winding down and excited for the Christmas Break. Our students deserve it so this week are watching some Christmas movies to get into the spirit!

(Published Dec 21st, 2015)


The MIS is preparing very hard for the Christmas Show that is being put on for the parents. It starting to look very good!

(Published Dec 14th, 2015)


Podcasts are growing in world-wide popularity so the Grade 8 students are making their very own podcast! The Grade 7 students are creating travel brouchures as a combined IT/Language/Geography assignment.

(Published Dec 7th, 2015)


MIS Quarterly Newletter!

November Newsletter

(Published Nov 30th, 2015)


We have started to read the obligatory books as apart of our novel study for this year.


The Grade 8 class is reading the second installment of the popular Hunger Games Series written by Suzanne Collins.


Meanwhile, the Grade 7 class is reading the first installment of the Maze Runner series written by James Dashner.

(published Nov 23rd, 2015)


The MIS last week was given a Biographical Essay Assignment where they must choose an important Canadian in past or present and talk about their lives. Be sure to include sources for your information!

(Published Nov 16th, 2015)


Last week the MIS took part in our first project week from Nov 2nd-Nov 6th.  I think the students enjoyed some time outside of the classroom.

(published Nov 9th, 2015)


As you all may know Hallowe’en just past and we wanted to share some of the photos from the school’s celebration.

Decorations in the Main Hall

IMG_2678 IMG_2677 IMG_2676

Decorations in the Aula

IMG_2673 IMG_2674 IMG_2675

Pumpkin Carving, the results were great! We created 5 awesome Jack O’ Lanterns including our Wi-fi pumpkin and Rainbow pumpkin.

IMG_2669 IMG_2670

Additionally we did some Hallowe’en art, the Grade 7s had some great designs

IMG_2544 IMG_2547 IMG_2543 IMG_2548 IMG_2546 IMG_2545

The Grade 8s also some had some awesome designs (although the girls were a little camera shy)

IMG_2550 IMG_2551 IMG_2552 IMG_2553

Overall, we had a great week decorating and doing Hallowe’en themed activities. We also finished off the week with some great Hallowe’en costumes and a disco. Thanks to all the students who helped decorate the school and for the students who showed with amazing costumes!

(Published Nov 2, 2015)


Our students at the MIS take part in IT lessons everyweek. This week we started working with the PowerPoint program to get our students familiar with making presentations. Also useful for practicing English ;)

(Published Oct 26th, 2015)


Language is the main focus of our Canadian program and this week we began Unit 2 with our Grade 8s while looking into the uses of the words At/On/In when talking about time with our grade 7s.

(Published Oct 19th, 2015)


Students of the MIS jumped into some interesting and relevant topics in Math such as square roots and integers. Meanwhile in science we began examining the water cycle and diffusion/osmosis!

(Published Oct 12th, 2015)


Last week we continued to uncover the history of Canada’s past by looking into the Canada Pacific Railway (Grade 8) and the Acadian Deportation. (Grade 7)

(Published Oct 5th, 2015)


This week at the MIS the Canadian program began our adventure into preparing for the FCE and CAE exams!

(Published Sept 28th, 2015)


Did you know? That Canada has more lakes than any other country, about 3 million. Ontario itself contains one third of the world’s freshwater. Recently, National Geographic Traveler called The Lake District of Muskoka the top summer destination, in the world!

(Published Sept 14th, 2015)


Please check out our end of the year the newsletter for June.

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Newsletter May



We here at MIS are proud and excited to extend our congratulations to the students for Following Their participation and Achievements earned in recent Angielski language competitions.

BEST RESULTS were earned by Jakub Ostrowski, Robert Kisiel and Elor Tetroashvili

GOOD RESULTS were earned by Bartek Piotrowski, Claudia Kułakowska James Tylka, Amelia Grubinska James Szymkun and Carolina Gontard.

Well done guys! Keep up the hard work!


For the second semester, due to the huge popularity of the movie, we decided to read The Maze Runner by James Dasher as our independent novel study.


While reading The Following questions and novel study project assignments will also be completed.

The Maze Runner Questions

The Maze Runner Project

The Maze Runner Project 2


Please check out our latest newsletter for April.

Newsletter April


Since the students love a good mystery for the first novel of study in our program we chose The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin.


We also tackled the reading assignment Following this accompany the book.

Cafe Novel Writing Activities

Szkoła, którą polubisz!